One only, being an individual unit; alone; one which is abstracted from others. State ex rel. Nelson v. Board of Com'rs of Yellowstone County, 111 Mont. 395, 109 P.2d 1106, 1107.
Unitary; detached; individual; affecting only one person; containing only one part, article, condition, or covenant.
Unmarried; the term being also applicable to a widow, and occasionally even to a married woman living apart from her husband.
Sometimes, principal; dominating.
See also
- single adultery
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- single combat
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- single escheat
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- single tract of land
@ single creditor
One having a lien only on a single fund;-distinguished from double creditor, who is one having a lien on two funds
@ single-entry bookkeeping
In accounting, a simple system of recordkeeping in which each transaction is recorded in a single record, such as a checkbook or a list of accounts receivable
@ single juror charge
The charge that, if there is any juror who is not reasonably satisfied from the evidence that plaintiff should recover a verdict against the defendant, jury cannot find against defendant
@ single publication rule
Under the "single publication rule," where an issue of a newspaper or magazine, or an edition of a book, contains a libelous statement, plaintiff has a single cause of action and the number of copies distributed is considered as relevant for damages but not as a basis for a new cause of action. Barres v. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc., 131 N.J.Super. 371, 330 A.2d 38.
General theory of this rule is that a defendant should be subject to suit only once for each mass publication of libel, but that in that one action plaintiff may introduce evidence of all sales in all jurisdictions to show extent of his injury. Novel v. Garrison, D.C.I1L, 294 F.Supp. 825, 830

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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